About us
How did it all start?

Ceramics 'Maříž'

We started ceramic production in the wild post-revolutionary years of the 1990s in the border village of Maříž in South Bohemia. We came to Maříž from Prague through a friend, a native of the nearby Renaissance Slavonice, where we came with the Sklep theatre and came up with a completely crazy idea - to buy a property as a theatre background - but that's another story...

The production of ceramics initially took place and still takes place in the former forge by the pond in cooperation with artists from all corners of the country.


Over the many years of making mugs, we have learned to enjoy the coffee from our creations. So the idea was conceived to create a concept that would incorporate the entire life journey of a mug from the initial clay to the cup of coffee.

Thus, in 2018, Coffee & Mugs was born. First we brewed coffee and baked desserts in Slavonice, where we still operate, although more or less seasonally, mainly in the summer. Here you can see how a mug lives its own life from a lump of clay to a cup of coffee.

Malá strana, Prague 

During the pandemic period we rediscovered the beauty of the heart of Prague during our walks through Mala Strana and came across a unique space at 25 Nerudova Street, where the Neruda family is said to have had a grocery.

We returned to Prague after many decades with the aim of bringing more Czech craftsmanship to Mala Strana and enjoying cakes and coffee in a beautiful, undiscovered garden in the heart of the most beautiful city.

Coffee: 257 311 786 (landline) / 725 676 440 (manager)
Mugs: 724 106 714
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