Events & Gift Vouchers


If you are looking for a place to celebrate, a tea party, a reunion with friends, a corporate event or even a book launch (we had that too), let us know, we will definitely arrange it and we will be happy to see you.

How many people can we fit?
Up to 100 people standing inside, if you also use our large garden it can be 300 and maybe a few more.
Up to 50 people seated inside and an extra 50 in the garden (so outside, so watch the weather).

Food and drink?
We can agree on almost anything. We can prepare a sumptuous dinner, a buffet, make a bespoke cake, stock up on whatever drinks you want or prepare a takeaway. Let us know what you need and we'll be happy to make it happen.

If you want to combine your event with pottery painting, no problem, we'll be happy to arrange it.
*This applies to Kafe & Mugs in Prague, if you want to organize an event in Slavonice contact us and we will be happy to give you more details.

phone: 257 311 786 (landline) / 725 676 440 (manager)
Or contact us in the form below this text. That works too.

Gift vouchers

How does it work?
You can buy a gift voucher in any value you wish. You can use the voucher in both ceramic workshops, but also in the cafe. A voucher without a date does not have a limited validity.

We can send you the voucher in physical form by post or in digital form by email. For the time being we only accept payment by bank transfer. Gift vouchers can of course also be purchased in our workshops and cafés, where you can then pay with cash or card.

How to do it?
If you would like a gift voucher, just write in the form below the text what value you would like the voucher for and whether you would like it sent online or by post (in this case also the address where to send the voucher). We will send you an account number to transfer the amount and send the voucher immediately.

How long does it take to receive the voucher?
If you wish to receive the voucher online, the voucher will be sent to you within the second working day of receipt of payment. If you need the voucher really quickly, please contact us and we can arrange a faster action, where you will receive the voucher immediately but it will be active only after the bank transfer is completed.

If we send the voucher by post, it depends on what day you write to us. As a rule, it takes two to three working days to send.

Are you planning a celebration or a meeting? Or perhaps you have a question or want to order a gift voucher?
We will be happy to help with the preparation of a celebration or corporate party and answer any questions. Contact us and we will be sure to make arrangements.
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