Kafe & Hrnky
A unique café and a ceramics studio
So, what is it all about?
An unconventional café where you can discover the whole life journey of a mug - from the beginning in our ceramic workshop to the cup in the café.
The life of a mug from a lump of clay to the perfect coffee in Kafe & Mugs
it's mainly coffee but also beer


Nerudova 25 hides in the courtyard a beautiful space with a yet undiscovered garden. It is here that our café is located, where you can enjoy homemade delicacies from experienced chefs and first-class coffee from our young baristas.

And the mugs, too.


Explore our ceramic studio. Take the spiral staircase directly from the café or the brown door straight from the passage to where the mugs are made with perfect care. Not only can you buy a mug made by local artists, but you can also paint your own unique mug, plate or bowl here. Painting yourself is a great relaxing activity to clear your head, whether you come alone or with friends. We are the original Ceramics Maříž in a new location.

Opening hours
Nerudova 25, PragueKafe:
Monday: 09:00 - 21:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 21:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 21:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 21:00
Friday: 09:00 - 22:00:09:00 - 22:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 22:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 21:00 ‍

The ceramics studio is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00.
Dolní náměstí, Slavonice:
During summer every day from 09:00 to 18:00. From September only on weekends and on days when our great barista and artist Monika finds time. If you are planning a trip in winter, please get in touch.
Café: 257 311 786 (landline) / 725 676 440 (manager)
Ceramics studio: 724 106 714
Where to find us
Prague: Nerudova 25, Prague 1, 118 00, conveniently located on your way to the castle. ⭐️
Slavonice: Namesti Miru 465 (the 'Lower' Square), Slavonice 378 81
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